A Chess Book for Beginners
For the raw beginner who knows the rules but little else about chess
Beat That Kid in Chess easily leads you into the most important tactics that win games. It uses the new NIP system of chess instruction, perhaps used in no previous book on the royal game: Nearly-Identical Positions. This method of teaching gives you the natural way of assimilating basic tactics, making it comparably easy for you to gain the skill you need to actually win a chess game.
The book you really need to quickly prepare to win chess games, a revolutionary new way to come to know those simple basic tactics
Beat That Kid in Chess walks through an actual game played by experienced players. In the above position, a black knight has just attacked a white pawn. The next page explains how white protected that pawn.
All three phases of chess are explained: opening, middle game, and end game. In the above position, it gives you the reasons why white should win. The next two pages demonstrate to you how to win this.
Beat That Kid in Chess is THE book for the novice, the beginner who really needs to know the basic tactics of the royal game.
You’ll have no need to carry a chess set around with you when you have this book. The large chess diagrams make it easy to see the positions and learn from this book alone, soon gaining the skills needed to win a game of chess.
Copyright 2015  Jonathan Whitcomb
Paperback: 194 pages Text reading level: teenager and adult Image concepts for almost all ages ISBN-10: 1508856222 ISBN-13: 978-1508856221 Suggested retail price: $13.40
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